Creative Treehouse

This website is a gypsy. It doesn’t plan much ahead of time and travels where my mind leads it. I will not teach you how to build a cabin, or tell you the best PC software, or promise to teach you how to make a fortune. I may tell you about life in a cabin. And life without a fortune. Those things I know about. But maybe so do you. So why am I here, why are you here also? Perhaps down the line you may tell me, and I may tell you, or not.

Someone said, got stuff on your mind talk about it, do it. So I do. And after a long, long, time in professional  broadcasting. The one thing I for sure know how to do is talk. But I’m sure not your dead in the wool programmed… I talk you want to listen? I hope… You want to give feedback please do so. And the great God of wondering Gypsys and all-encompassing band of overly gifted misfits struggling to find a safe place… or not



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